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Coastline and Seascapes

A large proportion of my earlier work, that is, after we relocated to Teignmouth permanently in 2007, consisted of coastal, estuary and other maritime scenes.

I was quite successful at exhibitions during this time and sold quite a few paintings both to local people and to tourists.

I still enjoy sketching scenes around the estuary and will always take a sketchbook, pencils and often watercolours with me when we are out for walks or picnicking on a local beach.

The local weather very much affects the look and feel of the coastal locations. One day we can have glorious sunny weather with many small boats in the harbour and out to sea, while on other days, particularly when strong south easterly winds are blowing we can have huge and destructive waves crashing onto the shore. I’ve tried to represent these changing weather features in some of the paintings in this gallery.

Teignmouth and the surrounding coastline is very beautiful particularly at sunset and I’ve included a number of works done later in the day, summer and winter, to demonstrate this.

This gallery contains a selection of  22 of these works and I will change these around from time to time.